• Full CWB certified welding fabrication facility
  • Small manual machine shop utilized for servicing existing customers
  • Third party drafting and engineer
  • Ability to complete any project; big or small
  • Offer packages from skid only to skid building packages
  • Rigid Frame Packages
  • Structural steel

About RollFab

RollFab Industries was incorporated in 2007. Since that time we have seen a small company that started with 1 employee and 2500 square feet of fabrication space, grow to its current 27 employees and 25,000 square feet of fabrication space. As with any growing company there are pains associated with that growth, however RollFab has been able to adapt with any and all challenges using our knowledgeable staff from Welders to Project Managers. We at RollFab have the capability to provide great quality products no matter what size.

Small company attitude with Large corporation goals is what sets RollFab Industries apart from all of our competitors.

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